Rammstein : tickets access and advices to get into the stadium

Rammstein group will be passing by the Groupama Stadium on July the 8th and July the 9th, as part of their stadiums tour. Find out all the informations to book your access title as well as practical advices to get to the stadium on the day of the show. 


The items mentioned below are valid for both dates 


An access ticket will be mendatory for : public transportation (conductor and passengers) and the stadium’s parkings (conductor only).

No access ticket will be necessary for : pedestrians or bikes (a bike parking is offered for free in the north eastern ramp) 


Click here to book your access ticket. 

The schedules 


17:00 : gates opening 

20:00 : beginning of the concert


Stadium accessibility 

Before the show : 


9:00 : opening of stadium’s car parks

9:00 : partial opening of the Meyzieu les Panettes Nord car park with T3 connection

16:30 : total opening of the Eurexpo and Meyzieu les Panettes car parks. 

17:00 : first tramway and bus shuttles departures 

17:00 : trolly T7 stop 

21:00 : last tramway and bus shuttles departures 


After the show 

The moment the concert ends : first tramway and bus shuttles departures from the stadium 

00:30 : last tramway and bus shuttles departures from the stadium 

01:15 : park and ride Eurexpo and Meyzieu les Panettes parkings closing. 

Practical informations

Fordidden objects

Avoid bags and luggages that will not be accepted on the stadium. Backpacks are forbidden, but small bags and pouches are allowed. Cameras and powerbanks are forbidden.
Large dimensions bags (hiking bags, sportings bags, suitcases…), backpacks, animals (except for guide dogs for blind people or motricity auxiliates) and materials/supports intended for political, ideological, philosophical or commercial purposes, are forbidden;

For security reasons, a safety palpitation will be carried out by the stadium’s security teams on the various ramps to the podium.


Adress : Groupama Stadium – 10 avenue Simone Veil, 69150 Décines-Charpieu

GPS coordinates : 45.765092, 4.981988


All parkings spots in the neighbouring municipalities (Décines and Meyzieu) are subject to control by a residencialization system, unabling access to non-residents. The use of parkings with no commerce areas nearby is subject to authorisation and reglementation. Besides, it is important to highlight that illegal parkings are strictly forbidden and subject to fines and impoundment. In case of parking in non-authorized areas, a fine up to 135€ could be applied by the communities.